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Its a wonderful opportunity for all beauty professional in this time of lockdown. It will help us to get financially strong and independent too.

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Aabha Kc


Wow! I am glad that i will be able to work on my own timing and also follow my passion while earning money. Keep up the good work. Lots of Love. 


Parvati Gautam


Thank you Murarkey, for letting me use my skills and talent. This is what we needed in this tough time. Will work very hard, won’t let you down.

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Rajesh Baral


Murarkey has provided me with a way to pursue my passion and a community of people who want to see me succeed.

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Shivani Upreti


I love the way I can work in my neighborhood and earn by following my dream. Thank you Murarkey.   


Nabhya Shrestha


I was really surprised to know that Murarkey has focused on men professionals too. Men grooming has always been neglected.

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Ganesh Koirala


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