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Pears Naturale Pomegranate Brightening Bathing Soap Bar (Pack of 3) 125g,x3


Don’t you think, products that have the goodness of natural ingredients in them are more suitable for you skin? Pears understands this and therefore brings to you, the beautiful range of Pears Naturale that has an exciting mix of natural ingredients. With the goodness of 100% natural ingredients, the new Pears Naturale range of beauty bathing bars and body washes give you naturally glowing skin. The Pears Naturale bathing bars also have pure glycerin that helps preserve the natural moisture of your skin, making it soft and smooth.

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New Pears Naturale pomegranate brightening bathing bar has the goodness of 100% natural ingredients; This beauty bar soap has the goodness of 100% natural pomegranate. It gives you brighter, glowing skin; Pears Naturale bathing soap is mild on skin and comes in a gentle formulation with 0% parabens; This bathing soap has pure glycerin that helps preserve skin’s natural moisture making it soft and smooth; For proper skin care, use this mild and gentle soap daily on face, body and hands; Pears Naturale bathing bar soap is environmentally friendly and comes in 100% recyclable cartons




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