NIVEA MEN Face Wash, Oil Control, 10x Vitamin C, 100g

255.00 inc. vat

Cleanses deeply for oil free skin
Eliminates bacteria upto 99 percent to reduce acne occurrence
Controls oiliness up to 12h
Tightens pores

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About the Product
Advanced Whitening and Deep Cleansing Foaming Gel

The Nivea men oil control face wash features a deep cleansing formula that will remove dirt and excess oil from your skin and purify pores giving you a smooth glowing skin. It will lighten discolorations to minimum and whiten your skin up to ten times more. You can wash your face with this deep cleansing face wash for men in the morning and before going to bed to get a refreshing clear skin. This smooth foaming gel will repair damage and dull skin and rinse it without leaving any residue.

Marine Plant Extracts and Vitamin E for Smooth and Hydrated Skin

Use this Nivea men 100ml oil control face wash to reduce greasiness and prevent your skin from clogged pores. With regular use of this effective oil control face wash for men you’ll have a purified, hydrated and an acne-free skin each day. The marine plant extracts and the essential Vitamin E in this face wash will nourish your skin and leave it soft and moisturised for a long time. Available in an attractive pack, it is a specially formulated soap-free advanced whitening men’s oil control face wash.

Product Features

Brand: Nivea

Type: Face wash

Gender: Men

Contains marine plant extracts, Vitamin C and E, pro Vitamin B5, liquorice, whitanat, ginko leaves, magnolia bark, ginseng root extract, glyceryl glucoside and glycerine

Oil control and deep cleansing foaming gel

Lightens discoloration and whitens skin up to 10x

Moisturises skin and leaves it smooth and hydrated

Content: 100ml




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