NIVEA MEN Face Wash, Dark Spot Reduction, 100g

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Nivea men dark spot reduction face wash reduces the appearance of dark spots and makes skin look healthy and feel fresh. The effective 10x* formula, suitable for all skin types, is now even better with whitanat vita complex plus that contains 10 nutrients:licorice,vitamin c,whitanat, vitamin e,pro vitamin b5,ginko leaves extract,ginseng root extract,glycerin,magnesium chloride,glyceryl glucoside

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About the Product

NIVEA men Dark Spot Reduction Face Wash. Effectively reduces dark spots and makes skin look healthier and feel fresher.

Reduces dark spots accumulated from dirt and residues
Removes impurities and excess oil
Cleanses deeply for a whiter skin
Controls oiliness up to 12 hours

Lather up and massage over the wet face.
Rinse off with clean water.
Avoid direct eye contact.
Use in the morning and in the evening.




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