NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Deep Impact Freshness, 150ml

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Kick Start Your Day with Deep Impact

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About the Product

Deep Impact Deodorant
Kick-off Real Freshness with the NIVEA Men Deep impact deodorant.

The effective formula with black carbon keeps you fresh all day long. Because long lasting freshness has a deep impact.


Day Long Freshness: The Cool Care formula with a fresh masculine fragrance keeps you fresh for longer.

Impactful Fragrance: The antiperspirant formula regulates sweating in your underarms and helps control body odour.

Fights Bacteria: No alcohol and NIVEA Men Care Complex, to take care of your underarm skin.

Alcohol Free Formula: It contains no alcohol and doesn’t cause any irritation to your underarm skin.

How to Use?

Step 1: Shake the can for an even spray.
Step 2: Hold it 15cm away from underarm.
Step 3: Spray directly on skin, to get impactful freshness.
Step 4: Stay active and fresh all day long.




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