NIVEA Lip Balm, Fruity Peach Shine, 4.8g

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Get Moisturized Lips with a Touch of Colour

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About the Product

NIVEA Peach Shine Caring Lip Balm
Treat your lips to the care of NIVEA Peach Shine Caring Lip Balm.

Its pleasing peach aroma and carefully chosen pigments provide moisturisation as well as a touch of colour to your lips.


Provides Moisturisation: It moisturizes your lips making them soft and smooth.

Colour: The carefully chosen pigments leave a touch of colour on your lips.

Aroma: It has a delightful Peach aroma that gives a pleasant feeling after application.


Step 1: Open the cap and twist up the ­stick.
Step 2: Apply to get moisturized smooth lips with a touch of colour.
Step 3: Use whenever lips feel dry.




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