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Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Gel Cream with SPF 20 – 50g


Fighting off wrinkles and reducing fine lines to reveal a healthier, younger complexion just got easier with lotus herbals youthrx anti-aging transforming creme. Created in the lotus herbals laboratories, using ground breaking technology of ?green sciences?, this natural anti-aging formula contains ?gineplex youth compound? derived from potent natural ingredients which absorb easily into your skin to give it a younger, healthier, soft glow.

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A light, anti-aging night creme that absorbs easily into the skin without making it feel sticky or heavy
A natural anti-wrinkle night creme that reduces fine lines and wrinkles to reveal beautiful, younger looking skin every morning
Firms and tightens skin overnight, to leave soft, radiant, young skin every morning


Lotus Herbals


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