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Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Activated Charcoal Brightening Face Wash -100 g


Lotus whiteglow activated charcoal brightening face wash? is enriched with activated charcoal which draws out toxins like dirt particles, sweat, excess oil hidden into the deepest layer of skin leaving fresh & bright complexion. Its green tea extract fight with harmful bacteria and control acne. What is activated charcoal – activated charcoal is a charcoal substance made from coconut shells, peat, coal, olive pits, and/or sawdust. In order to activate the charcoal, it is oxidized using steam or air at high temperatures. Active key ingredients – 1. Activated charcoal (coconut shell powder), 2. Green tea extract.

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Whiteglow activated charcoal brightening face wash
Removes excess oil from skin
Removes dirt hidden in pores
Controls skin damages caused due to pollution
Helps control acne effectively
Deep pure cleansing for brighter look


Lotus Herbals


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