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Lotus Herbals Probrite Illuminating Radiance Moisturiser (50ml)


Bright, moisturized skin is the most beautiful makeup that you can ever wear. Lotus Herbals PROBRITE Illuminating Radiance Moisturiser creamy, buttery texture intensely moisturises the skin. It also has the much coveted ‘Probiotic Active Complex’ that supports good bacteria and helps in keeping the skin hydrated, soft and glowing.; Why Lotus Herbals PROBRITE?; It is India’s first ever probiotic skincare range which was developed after extensive research and development aiming to combat skin concerns of a modern-day women. The products are formulated with the science of probiotics, ensuring that your skin receives the right balance of nutrients and stays protected against bad bacteria. So, get skin smart and make your skin glow like never before.; The two potent ingredient formula: This revolutionary product is enriched with probiotic active complex which contains two highly potent natural ingredients – Lactococcus Ferment Lysate that helps skin’s good bacteria which boosts skin brightening and inhibits melanin production and Rare Sakura Extracts, it lightens dark spots and discoloration revealing a brighter and even complexion.; Probiotics for skin: Our body is full of bacteria, good and bad. Probiotics are ”good” and ”helpful” bacteria because they have various health benefits most commonly known to keep gut healthy when consumed via yogurt etc. When applied topically, Probiotics Skin Care sits on the skin’s surface and creates “interference” against skin problems. This “shield” helps to protect the skin against dark spots, dullness, patches, environmental aggressors and UVA/UVB rays. It helps the skin to remain in a balanced state, maintain a skin type which is not too dry and not to oily. Nurtures the skin flora giving it a natural flawless glow.

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Probrite illuminating radiance moisturiser
Leaves skin soft and supple
Bright complexion and even skin tone
Intensively hydrates and tightens the skin


Lotus Herbals


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