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Johnson’s Cotton Buds 150’s (JAR)

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1. Made with pure and soft cotton.
2. Can be used to clean delicate areas of baby’s body.
3. Sterilized and clinically tested before packaging.
4. 100% clinically proven mild and gentle.
5. Never insert a cotton bud into the inner ear or nose.
6. Every johnson’s product passes a 5 level safety assurance process.

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Johnson’s Buds are made with pure and soft cotton, sterilized and clinically tested. We love babies and we understand a baby’s hygiene is something that no parent wants to compromise with. The cotton used for Johnson’s cotton buds is pure and soft in nature and the finished products are sterilized and clinically tested before packaging. The buds are very thin in texture. Hence, you can even use them to clean the delicate areas of your baby’s body, such as the gaps between fingers and toes and nostrils. These buds for babies can also be used to apply lotions or medicines in sensitive areas. Moms trust Johnson’s – always mild, gentle and effective.


Johnson & Johnson


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