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Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap 75gm

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1. Delicately scented and enriched with 1/4 baby lotion to help moisturize your baby’s delicate skin by reducing moisture loss while cleansing it ever so gently.
2. Clinically proven mildness for baby’s delicate skin.
3. Best for baby, causes no allergy or irritation to baby’s skin.
4. No parabens and SLS, no dyes and alcohol.
5. Used by 9 out of 10 pediatricians on their own babies.

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Product Description

Johnson’s Baby soap. Helps in skin nourishment. Triple baby protection. Clinically proven mild. Enriched with milk protein and vitamin E. We love babies and we understand how important it is to keep baby’s delicate skin nourished and gently cleansed. Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap’s formula contains natural milk proteins and vitamin E, to help deliver complete skin nourishment, for baby skin that is soft, smooth and healthy. Clinically proven mild, the soap is gentle for baby’s delicate skin. Rinses easily. Johnson’s Baby milk soap. Milder than your body soap. Moms trust Johnson’s always mild, gentle and effective.

From the Manufacturer

Moisturise Your Baby’s Skin
Keep your little one’s skin moisturised at all times with the Johnson’s baby milk soap 75 g. Featuring an exclusive combination of natural milk extract and vitamins A and E, this Johnson’s baby soap is sure to soothe and protect your little one’s skin. Very often a baby’s skin loses out on moisture due to constant cleaning and wiping. This Johnson’s baby milk soap is just what you need to replenish moisture and to retain the skin’s natural health. Thanks to its mild fragrance, this soap also ensures that your baby smells fresh all through the day.

Nourish, Moisturise and Protect

The natural conditioning ingredients of the Johnson’s milk soap 75 g is sure to nourish, moisturise and protect your little one’s skin. Clinically tested, this Johnson & Johnson milk soap is safe and gentle to be used on newborn babies. This soap provides a rich and creamy lather that gently moisturises your baby’s skin. Use this soap generously on your baby’s body on a regular basis for soft and healthy skin. Buy this Johnson & Johnson baby soap to ensure that your baby’s skin remains clean and healthy at all times.

Ideal for: Nourishing and protecting skin
Age: Newborn and up
Contains: Natural milk protein extract, Vitamins A and Vitamin E
Clinically tested to be mild
Content: 75 g


Johnson & Johnson


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