How to book Murarkey services?

“The Ultimate Guide to Using MURARKEY: A Step-by-Step Tutorial”

In a world where beauty is just a click away, MURARKEY stands out as the ultimate on-demand beauty service, bringing the salon experience to your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a haircut, a relaxing massage, or a rejuvenating facial, booking beauty services with MURARKEY is a seamless process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to ensure you make the most of your MURARKEY experience.

Step 1: Connect with MURARKEY

MURARKEY understands the importance of flexibility. To book your beauty services, you have three convenient options:

  • Social Media: MURARKEY accepts service orders through social media platforms. Visit our official pages on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Call: Prefer a more direct approach? Give us a call at +977-9812030001. Our friendly team is ready to assist you.

  • Website: Browse our services, place order online. Visit our website

Step 2: Browse Services

Once you’re connected, take some time to explore the range of beauty services offered by MURARKEY. From hairstyling to manicures, our skilled professionals are here to cater to your every beauty need.

Step 3: Discuss Your Preferences

Engage with our team either through messaging on social media or during your call. Share your preferences, any specific requirements, and the type of service you’re looking for. This ensures that MURARKEY can match you with the perfect beauty professional.

Step 4: Schedule Your Appointment

Select a date and time that suits your schedule. MURARKEY is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, offering flexibility to book appointments at your convenience.

Step 5: Confirm Your Booking

Once you’ve finalized the details, our team will confirm your booking. You’ll receive all the necessary information, including the name of your beauty professional and any preparations you might need to make before their arrival.

Step 6: Enjoy the MURARKEY Experience

On the day of your appointment, sit back, relax, and get ready to experience beauty at its best. Our skilled professionals will arrive at your doorstep with all the tools and expertise needed to provide top-notch beauty services.

Step 7: Payment and Feedback

After your MURARKEY experience, the final step is simple. Payment can be made directly to the beauty professional. We also value your feedback, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Step 8: Stay Connected

Connect with MURARKEY on social media to stay updated on the latest beauty trends, promotions, and tips. Share your experience with the hashtag #MURARKEY #unlockyourbeauty.


MURARKEY has redefined the beauty service experience, making it accessible, personalized, and convenient. By following this step-by-step guide, you’re on your way to enjoying the ultimate beauty treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Beauty is a journey, and MURARKEY is here to make every step of that journey a delightful one.

Indulge. Transform. MURARKEY- unlock your beauty.

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